Sia’s first Australian shows in 6 years

The pop superstar from Adelaide who’s now based in LA and ripping up the Billboard charts has announced December dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Sia clearly cannot be fucked touring her hometown in South Australia because there are no Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane shows announced. Rumour has it from music industry sources that Sia has a huge chip on her shoulder about Australia because she was treated so poorly by the local media and radio when she first came out, long before she wrote songs for Rihanna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Katy Perry. And the only reason she’s doing the 3 stadium concerts is because the local promoter is throwing her AU$1,000,000 per show.  It’s an all-lady line up with Charlie XCX, MO and Amy Shark touring with Sia on these three dates.


It’s probably fair to say that Sia first appeared on the North American radar when her song ‘Breathe Me’ was featured in the final episode of HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under’. Then came her work with David Guetta with ‘Titanium’ which became her first Billboard Top 10 single. Miss Furler from Adelaide had arrived. Then came young Maddie the dancer who became Sia’s performance muse in her videos and shows as Sia started covering up her face under an over-sized wig. Sia explained many times that the wig was her way of protecting herself from the media and internet trolls, and making her songs all about the music and not her. ‘Chandelier’ was a huge hit in America and around the globe, and then she finally scored her first Billboard #1 with ‘Cheap Thrills’. Let’s take a look back at some her biggest hits around the world.

Zoot Woman have collaborated with Kylie

The Australian Queen of Pop – Kylie Minogue has teamed up on the new Zoot Woman album ‘Front Cover’ with ‘Still Feels like the First Time’. It’s an eighties electronic throwback and we love it. Zoot Woman is a British electronic music group consisting of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price. The band has gained a worldwide following for their live shows. The live act is Johnny Blake and Adam Blake, Price does not tour.

Stuart Price and Kylie first worked together in 2010 on her ‘Aphrodite’ album which he executive produced. Stuart also worked with Madonna for much of the noughties and we once good friends. Stuart Price worked with Madonna on her ‘Drowned World’, ‘Reinvention’ and ‘Confessions’ tours and produced Madonna’s ‘Confessions’ on a Dancefloor album. Once the 2006 tour was done and dusted Stuart started dating Madonna’s Co-Manager, Angela Becker and they are now married. Madonna and Stuart no longer communicate, and Madonna ceased her working relationship with Angela soon after… I wonder what happened? Did Madonna fancy Stuart and he didn’t feel the same way?

Giorgio Moroder. The legend.

The legend. Italian-born disco and pop superstar producer, Giorgio Moroder. Moroder is frequently credited with pioneering Italo disco and electronic dance music. When in Munich in the 1970s, he started his own record label called Oasis Records, which several years later became a subdivision of Casablanca Records. During this time Giorgio worked with Donna Summer an American girl living in Germany and produced every one of her classic disco hits. Giorgio’s production and Donna’s heavenly vocals made Donna Summer the undisputed ‘Queen of Disco’. Donna Summer had arrived and she became an absolute legend. Giorgio also has two Academy Awards under his belt for Best Original Song in 1983 ‘Flashdance (What a Feeling)’ by Irene Cara and 1986 ‘Take my Breath Away’ by Berlin. Let’s take a look back at his work with Donna in the seventies and his other legendary songs from the eighties.

Donna Summer aside, the one and only Giorgio also produced some of the biggest eighties hits for Blondie, Irene Cara, Limahl, Kenny Loggins, Berlin and Philip Oakey. Take a look through this list of legendary songs.

Diane HQ had the opportunity to see Giorgio Moroder on-stage in Sydney in 2015 with Kylie Minogue. Moroder and Minogue performed their ‘Right Here, Right Now’ song together at the Sydney Entertainment Centre before 11,000 people. Kylie then attempted Donna’s ‘I Feel Love’ and we must say, well done Kylie. Very challenging song to sing and she did it well.

Aria Singles and Kylie Minogue…

Kylie. An Australian woman so famous in Europe and Australia her surname is no longer needed. Since her first single which was a cover of Little Eva’s 1962 ‘The Loco-motion’ in the late eighties Kylie has scored herself 10 #1 Aria Singles. In 2000 ‘On a Night like This’ reached #1 and then months later after the Sydney Olympics, the song returned to #1 Aria Singles. Kylie is now 49 and fabulous and much like Madonna who’s 58 (very soon-to-be 59) and fabulous, these ladies post 2010 are absolutely struggling on the singles charts. The ageist media and even more ageist radio stations won’t even play Kylie or Madonna songs anymore. This said, here’s hoping Kylie might have one more #1 Aria Single in her.


‘The Loco-motion’ stayed #1 on the Australian charts for seven long weeks and became the highest selling Australian single for the entire decade. We especially the video with the $5 budget and Kylie racing around an airport in Melbourne wearing K Mart or Dotti clothes. ‘I Should be so Lucky’ also topped the charts in Australia and Great Britain. It was actually her first single in Europe. The bubble-bath scene is hilariously tacky but it’s become somewhat iconic in Kylie and gay circles. Kylie’s final #1 Aria Single for the eighties was ‘Got to be Certain’ and was basically a tourism advert for Melbourne. We saw Kylie racing around her hometown of Melbourne in various costumes. This was Kylie’s 2nd single in Europe with ‘The Loco-motion’ being the third.


Kylie entered the nineties with a slightly more adult sound and sexier image with Top 5 Aria Singles like ‘Better the Devil you Know’ and ‘Step back in Time’. The latter being her first video to be filmed in the United States. Who could forget Kylie cruising around LA in a red Cadillac wearing nothing but lime green feathers. Then came ‘Shocked’ and ‘Word is Out’ which both charted Top 10 on the Aria Singles, but it was her 1994 classic ‘Confide In Me’ that reached #1 and stayed at the top for 4 weeks. It would also become her only #1 Aria song for the decade.


Kylie’s 1997 album ‘Impossible Princess’ was critically acclaimed and sold very well in Australia, but in the UK and Europe which is her largest market, the album was poorly recieved and became her lowest selling album in Europe. An absolute shame too, because this was the first time Kylie contributed all the lyrics and some of the music for an album. Let’s jump to the year 2000 and those gold hotpants. Noughties Kylie had arrived with two #1 Aria Singles – ‘Spinning Around’ and ‘On a Night Like This’. The latter peaked at #1 two times because of the Sydney Olympics performance. ‘Head’ (CGYOOMH) in 2001 peaked at #1 on Aria Singles and every nation in Europe bar Finland and became the biggest selling single of her career. ‘Head’ reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the album ‘Fever’ reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 200 and sold over one million copies in America. 2003’s ‘Slow’ video has to be Kylie’s sexiest video to date. Beautiful colours, sexy men and women, that sensational Barcelona backdrop and of course Kylie in her elegant but sexy swimsuit. ‘2 Hearts’ would become her final #1 song on the Aria Singles and featured an edgier and more rock-chick meets Goldfrapp Kylie.


‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’ featuring the dark lord of Australian music, Nick Cave and should have been #1 but it stalled at #2. Nick said… “I’d wanted to write a song for Kylie for many years. I had a quiet obsession with her for about six years. I wrote several songs for her, none of which I felt was appropriate to give her. It was only when I wrote this song, which is a dialogue between a killer and his victim, that I thought finally I’d written the right song for Kylie to sing. I sent the song to her and she replied the next day.” Nick also commented on her 1990 pop song ‘Devil’… “When Kylie Minogue sings these words there is an innocence to her voice that makes the horror of this chilling lyric all the more compelling. The idea presented within this song, dark and sinister and sad – that all love relationships are by nature abusive and that his abuse, be it physical or psychological, is welcomed and encouraged, shows how even the most innocuous of love songs has the potential to hide terrible human truths.” If you can be bothered reading the lyrics to ‘Devil’ you’ll see what Nick is commenting on. The perfect Kylie pop song actually has painfully sad lyrics.

Billboard Hot 100 and Madonna…

Madonna. A woman so famous and fabulous her surname isn’t necessary. Since the classic ‘Like a Virgin’ in the eighties Madonna has scored herself 12 Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles. Only Mariah has achieved more Billboard #1’s (her tally sits at 18 songs) and Rihanna is one song behind Madonna with 11 (solo) #1 songs in America. BUT today we are looking at Madonna and Madonna only so MooMoo Carey can move away from the pastry cart and do some much needed cardio!!

Let’s take a look back at the world’s most important and influential music market and chart, the Billboard Hot 100 Singles and the Madonna songs that topped the charts. If you scroll down there are some honorable mentions of Madonna classics that reached #2 on the Hot 100. We think they deserve a ‘fuck yeah Madonna’s the queen’ mention too.


Eighties pop queen Madonna proved she could score #1 songs with pop and dance tracks but also emotional ballads where she was able to prove to the critics that she could sing, and that she had a pretty good voice. The ‘Open Your Heart’ video showed a much raunchier side of Madonna as she appeared a dancer/stripper in a peep show. Madonna ended her eighties #1 songs with ‘Like a Prayer’ and what a cracker it was. The controversial lyrics and music video, the unique melody with the slow verse and an uptempo chorus. Let’s take a look back at her #1 Billboard songs from this decade.


Madonna smashed into the nineties with ‘Vogue’. Do I need to say anything more, no really… Madonna (and Malcolm McLaren in 1989) borrowed the inspiration for this New York style of dancing and made it globally famous. New Yorkers Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez choreographed the video and are featured front and centre in it too. The two boys/fabulous queens also toured with the infamous and legendary 1990 Blond Ambition tour. Then came the banned video for ‘Justify My Love’ which caused so much controversy and uproar, then came the haunting but beautiful ballads, ‘This Used to be My Playground’ and ‘Take a Bow’. Ladies and queens, I present to you Madonna’s #1 Billboard songs from the nineties…

Vogue is legendary enough to be featured two times on this list. Who doesn’t remember the MTV Awards performance of Vogue in 1990. The Queen!


Post 2000 Madonna only scored herself one Billboard Hot 100 song and that was ‘Music’. She came close with ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘4 Minutes’ as they both went Top 5 on Billboard but the “hey Mr. DJ put a record on” classic ‘Music’ was Madonna’s last American #1 song.



Diane HQ has been singing, bopping and swish-swishing to these HOT BITCH TRACKS. We hope you enjoy these hot tracks of the week from Katy Perry, London Grammar, Shawn Mendes, Liam Payne, Justin Bieber + Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee, Rita Ora, The Veronicas, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Sigala + Ella Eyre and the one and only, the fabulous, the legends… the Pet Shop Boys.

Charlie Hides (as Madonna) and Courtney Act – Girl Talk!

And who could forget Charlie Hide (as Cher) and his/her ‘Kylie Whooo’ skit. Kylie Minogue was surprisingly hilarious and a very good sport copping all those jokes from Cher. And we all know Kylie is essentially a two hit wonder in America (The Locomotion went Top 5 in 1988 and Head went Top 10 in 2002) so Charlie/Cher is hamming this up with the Princess of Pop in Europe, Asia and Australia.