The Australian Queen of Pop – Kylie Minogue has teamed up on the new Zoot Woman album ‘Front Cover’ with ‘Still Feels like the First Time’. It’s an eighties electronic throwback and we love it. Zoot Woman is a British electronic music group consisting of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price. The band has gained a worldwide following for their live shows. The live act is Johnny Blake and Adam Blake, Price does not tour.

Stuart Price and Kylie first worked together in 2010 on her ‘Aphrodite’ album which he executive produced. Stuart also worked with Madonna for much of the noughties and we once good friends. Stuart Price worked with Madonna on her ‘Drowned World’, ‘Reinvention’ and ‘Confessions’ tours and produced Madonna’s ‘Confessions’ on a Dancefloor album. Once the 2006 tour was done and dusted Stuart started dating Madonna’s Co-Manager, Angela Becker and they are now married. Madonna and Stuart no longer communicate, and Madonna ceased her working relationship with Angela soon after… I wonder what happened? Did Madonna fancy Stuart and he didn’t feel the same way?


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