The pop superstar from Adelaide who’s now based in LA and ripping up the Billboard charts has announced December dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Sia clearly cannot be fucked touring her hometown in South Australia because there are no Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane shows announced. Rumour has it from music industry sources that Sia has a huge chip on her shoulder about Australia because she was treated so poorly by the local media and radio when she first came out, long before she wrote songs for Rihanna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Katy Perry. And the only reason she’s doing the 3 stadium concerts is because the local promoter is throwing her AU$1,000,000 per show.  It’s an all-lady line up with Charlie XCX, MO and Amy Shark touring with Sia on these three dates.


It’s probably fair to say that Sia first appeared on the North American radar when her song ‘Breathe Me’ was featured in the final episode of HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under’. Then came her work with David Guetta with ‘Titanium’ which became her first Billboard Top 10 single. Miss Furler from Adelaide had arrived. Then came young Maddie the dancer who became Sia’s performance muse in her videos and shows as Sia started covering up her face under an over-sized wig. Sia explained many times that the wig was her way of protecting herself from the media and internet trolls, and making her songs all about the music and not her. ‘Chandelier’ was a huge hit in America and around the globe, and then she finally scored her first Billboard #1 with ‘Cheap Thrills’. Let’s take a look back at some her biggest hits around the world.


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