The legend. Italian-born disco and pop superstar producer, Giorgio Moroder. Moroder is frequently credited with pioneering Italo disco and electronic dance music. When in Munich in the 1970s, he started his own record label called Oasis Records, which several years later became a subdivision of Casablanca Records. During this time Giorgio worked with Donna Summer an American girl living in Germany and produced every one of her classic disco hits. Giorgio’s production and Donna’s heavenly vocals made Donna Summer the undisputed ‘Queen of Disco’. Donna Summer had arrived and she became an absolute legend. Giorgio also has two Academy Awards under his belt for Best Original Song in 1983 ‘Flashdance (What a Feeling)’ by Irene Cara and 1986 ‘Take my Breath Away’ by Berlin. Let’s take a look back at his work with Donna in the seventies and his other legendary songs from the eighties.

Donna Summer aside, the one and only Giorgio also produced some of the biggest eighties hits for Blondie, Irene Cara, Limahl, Kenny Loggins, Berlin and Philip Oakey. Take a look through this list of legendary songs.

Diane HQ had the opportunity to see Giorgio Moroder on-stage in Sydney in 2015 with Kylie Minogue. Moroder and Minogue performed their ‘Right Here, Right Now’ song together at the Sydney Entertainment Centre before 11,000 people. Kylie then attempted Donna’s ‘I Feel Love’ and we must say, well done Kylie. Very challenging song to sing and she did it well.


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